History of Fron Frys

Fron Frys building before conversion

How Fron Frys began

The original farm house know as Fron Frys was demolished 30/40 years ago. In 1988 Jean & Riv Carter purchased the old farm buildings and converted these into a house for their own use.

Jean died in 2000 and Riv,a retired bank manager, decided in 2003 to operate Fron Frys for “bed and breakfast” purposes.

Fron Frys after conversion

Interpreting the meaning of Welsh place names can be difficult. With regard to Fron Frys, “fron” is from “bron” meaning breast referring to the breast of the hill. “Frys.” is not so obvious. There is a word “prys” which means copse and prys should be mutated to “brys”.

It is suggested therefore,that Fron Frys started life as Y Fron Brys,meaning “A copse of trees on the breast of the hill”.

If readers have any views of the translation Riv would be pleased to know.

Fron Frys kitchenCroatian visitors for Llangollen EisteddfodFron Frys in the snowLower loungeDouble bedroom